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Irish  Furniture  wax

Hand made in Kerry using Traditional Recipes + Natural Products

All Natural ... The Way It Should Be

We founded Irish Furniture Wax with one goal in mind:

Providing a high-quality, all natural Irish made furniture finishing wax. 

Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning. By using traditional recipes gathered from 19th Century furniture makers which we refined to create the ultimate range of furniture finishing waxes.


Hand made in Co. Kerry,  from sustainably sourced natural products.

Beeswax and Shellac wax are both bi products in which the insect produces and importantly does not harm them.

Our waxes are easy to use, build up fast and creates a beautifully even deep lustre. The sweet natural aroma from our waxes is another key selling point, and adds to the overall enjoyable experience associated while using our products.

Excellent for both antique furniture and 'new' furniture, our waxes will not react with any previous polishes and will only serve to enhance and protect your beloved pieces, giving them a new lease of life and a fresh natural scent. 

Beeswax is a waxy substance produced by honeybees and is the building blocks of their hives. When honey is harvested, raw beeswax must first be scraped off the beehive. This beeswax once refined & cleaned can then be used in many forms including as a key ingredient in our furniture wax. 


Shellac comes from the natural secretions of the female lac insect. The wax is a bi product from the creation of  French polish and its refinement processes.

Gum Turpentine is used in small quantities in our waxes and is obtained by the distillation of sap tapped from living pine trees - this method and does not harm the tree. 

Red Cedar wood oil is used in our insect repelling wax and is created by steam-distilling the waste product of wood chips & sawdust of felled trees.

A lot of furniture waxes available contain Carnauba wax which comes from the leaves of palm trees grown specifically in Brasil. In general we are against the use of carnauba wax due to various ecological knock-on effects that harvesting the wax has on the environment. It is also notoriously hard and difficult to apply evenly. 


We currently offer four types of furniture wax:

Soft Wax:

As the name implies, a softer more usable wax.  

- For the interior of drawers etc.

- Will saturate bare wood best, ideal to build up coverage (as a base coat for our medium wax).

- Longer ‘open’ or drying time.

- Great for intricate pieces as it is easy to apply into corners

Medium wax:

By far our most versatile wax. 

- Easiest to use with quick instant results. 

- For antique furniture and re touching pieces.

- Suits all types of already finished furniture, from antiques to new furniture.

- Will not react with any  previously applied oils, varnishes, or french polish finishes. 

Hard wax:

Our strongest wax formula. 

- For hard wearing surfaces such as counter tops, tables and floors (both new wood and varnished surfaces).

- Dries hard and strong.

Insect Repelling wax:

Help to prevent and deter any bugs, insects, or pests.

- Repels and prevents: woodworm, moths, ants, ticks & fleas, mosquitoes and other insects. 

- Ideal for backs or underneath’s of cabinets or wardrobes and drawer interiors leaving a fresh natural scent. 

- Perfect for wooden beams and floors.

- Can be buffed to a shine if desired.

- All natural secret recipe including Beeswax + Red cedar wood oil.

- Ideal as a light housekeeping wax - can be applied to wooden furniture & antiques giving a quick refresh. 



How do I apply the wax?


A little goes a long way. 

Apply sparingly to the area by means of a soft lint free cloth, work into the area evenly. A soft brush may also be used to reach corners or harder to reach areas. 

Allow the wax to touch dry (30 seconds) and with a clean cloth or brush, buff the surface to the required shine - its that easy!

Allow to fully dry and apply as before if necessary. 

Remember the more you apply, the more you have to buff to a shine. 

We have a 100% natural wool applicator pad available to purchase from our online store to aid with flawless finishing. 

What are the shipping costs?


We offer a flat rate of €4.80 An Post shipping throughout Ireland, with free shipping offered on a quantity of 4 or more items ordered. 

We also offer a free in store pick up option. 

For UK, European and worldwide shipping. Please get in contact with us by email before your order and we will offer you a range of shipping options. 

What is the Returns Policy?

If you are not 100% happy with our products, please get in contact with us by email where we will do our very best to resolve your issues. 

Watch this page as we continue to develop our range of waxes further & add related products



"Impressed with the insect deterring wax , good to use natural products in my wardrobe interiors"

Vivienne, Galway

"Great product and easy to use"

Michael, Kerry

"Fell in love with the smell straight away! lovely product and packaging"

Victoria, Cork

"The medium wax transformed my furniture" 

Barry, Wexford

"Always happy to support local handmade products"

Sinead, Dublin

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