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Crossing Mid-Century modern with that of Danish Scandinavian design. The look bridges the flow of organic style and ease of living.

In so creating a comfortable elegant lounge / dining chair.

Caha taken from the gentle sloping yet spectacular low range mountains in South West Ireland

on the Beara Peninsula. The landscape sweeps and curves until meeting the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. 

Motus is a Latin word meaning motion, movement, emotion or passion. 

The Caha Motus chair grew naturally to mirror the flowing curves of gentle mountains, reflecting the natural environment and all of its beauty. 

Caha Motus chair is ergonomically designed to conform to a modern family makeup. The lower lumbar back support, the gentle curve of the spine backrest with optimal shoulder blade perch height. The raised seat height and lowered arm rests all lend to the processes of design that hand in hand helped evolve the shapes and forms of the chair through a natural and free flowing process.

The lowered arm rests result in an overall more relaxed looking chair, with the added benefit of the chairs being able to be placed right under the dining table when not in use. The longer seat creates an informal look, and demonstrates the dual use of the chair - from dining to lounging. 

A dense webbing and comfortable foam cushion are used on the seat and back rest to allow the body’s natural form to be supported along the contours of the chair, allowing the user a more conformable prolonged sit. 

Design is not strictly about how visually pleasing the piece is. It also, and sometimes as importantly as looks, has to feel good through the sensation of touch. The gentle curves of the chair feel playful and natural in the hand. Proportions allow for an elegant chair with  structural benefits, all adding to the overall experience. 

These three main elements: The Visual, Tactility & User Experience of the chair all play equally important parts to the overall ethos of the Caha Motus chair - to follow naturally occurring curves with the flow and freedom of nature. 

“Every great design begins with an even better story”

Lorinda Mamo

The material covering was chosen to reflect the warming tones of walnut along with the décor of the client’s home. Sea and skyscapes, mountains and native forestry all play little parts in the choice of the fabric. As with every glance past the modern open plan dining room, the view opens up and invites the natural world into the room. 

In so the fabric choice, walnut and organic curves of the chairs live harmoniously in the space and with the ever-changing vistas of the Caha Mountains beyond.  

Black walnut was the clear choice of timber for the chairs. Highly prized for its beautiful sheen - dark coloured, and straight grained timber. With warm chocolate brown tones and streaks of purple, grey, red and even greenish-yellow hews. Furthermore a subtle nod back to the design classics of the Mid-Century, where walnut was the preferred timber. 

Felled, dried and imported direct to Ireland each plank of walnut was hand selected and inspected.

Before being machined, piece by piece - process by process in the comfort and open mindfulness space of the workshop,  with all of nature’s inspiration on the doorstep. 

Each Caha Motus chair contains 15 individual pieces of hand shaped and machined timber with a total of 
20 structural joints per chair.  

Paul Rand

“Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.”



EVOLUTION  [Definition]      - the gradual development of something.

DESIGN  [Definition]                 - the art or action of conceiving of and producing a plan

                                                                  or drawing of something before it is made.

114-012020 037012_REV A.jpg

“There are three responses to a piece of design - yes, no
and WOW!
Wow is the one to aim for.”

Milton Glaser


Joop Duyn & Sons
Conservation - Restoration - Design

Kenmare, Co Kerry, V93D2R7 Ireland

Design & Manufacture:   Adrian Duyn

Client:  Private Residential

Materials:   Wood: Oregon Black Walnut 
                         (juglans hindsii x nigra) 
                          Fabric: Linen & cotton blend. 

Seamstress:  Lizzy O’Sullivan

Studio Photos:  Nick Cavanagh

Price on Application
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