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Petit Fours Mystery Box

What is more magical than a mystery box...


           - how do you open it ?


                              - what's inside ?



Discover the joy of being a child again and experience opening the mystery box in a specific way to reveal the different layers & secret drawers full of delights. 



Made from luxurious materials each mystery box is hand crafted to individual choices of timber types with a variety of interior drawer linings to make your mystery box truly unique.

We can embellish all of our mystery boxes by means of choice of timber finishes from smoked, stained, natural oil or lacquer finishes.

With a variety of local, and exotic timbers or veneers to choose from, all of which are sustainably sourced and replanted for future generations to enjoy. 

International shipping available, supplied in an outer shell timber box for maximum protection. 


Please contact us to find out more, or to place an order. 


Not just for Petit Fours, we have also done variations of our mystery box specifically for Jewellery, watches and used as a keepsake memory box - we call these our 'little nest' trinket box.

Adrian Duyn Hands 1.jpg

Previously created totally custom variations for:

- Michelin Star restaurants in Croatia & Copenhagen  

- Luxury hotels in Kenmare & Connemara.

- Private members club in Philadelphia.

- Private residences in Ireland & London.

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