Insect Repelling Wax (100ml)

Insect Repelling Wax (100ml)


Help to prevent and deter any bugs, insects, or pests.


Repels and prevents: woodworm, moths, ants, ticks & fleas, mosquitoes and other insects. It also helps to repel rodents including rats and mice.


Ideal for backs or underneath’s of cabinets or wardrobes and drawer interiors leaving a fresh natural scent. 


Perfect for wooden beams and floors.


Can be buffed to a shine if desired.


All natural secret recipe including Beeswax + Red cedar wood oil.


Beeswax is a natural deterrent in itself being anti-bacterial and thus acting as a barrier to any insect attack.


Red Cedar wood has a secret weapon, the wood contains a natural oil and produces allelochemicals, this distinct and pleasant earthy smell automatically repels against any insect attack.


We add another few naturally occurring elements into our recipe to ensure we have created the most effective formula. We keep these elements and quantities a secret to ensure our formula isn’t replicated.




This is a preventative and repelling application, any Infestations that are existing and well underway may need to be treated professionally.