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How do I apply the wax?


A little goes a long way. 

Apply sparingly to the area by means of a soft cloth, work into the area evenly. A soft brush may also be used to reach corners or harder to reach areas. 

Allow the wax to touch dry and with a clean cloth or brush, buff the surface to the required shine. 

Allow to fully dry and apply as before if necessary. 

Remember the more you apply, the more you have to buff to a shine. 

Which wax is best for me?


We currently offer three types of furniture wax:

Soft Wax:

As the name implies, a softer more usable wax.  

- Our best smelling wax.

- For interior of drawers etc.

- Will saturate bare wood best.

- Longer ‘open’ or drying time.

Medium wax:

By far our most versatile wax. 

- For antique furniture and re touching pieces.

- Perfect for bare wood to build up coverage fast and create a beautiful shine. 

Hard wax:

Our strongest wax formula. 

- For new wood and varnished surfaces.

- Requires a good amount of buffing once dry.

What is the Returns Policy?

If you are not 100% happy with our products, please get in contact with us by email where we will do our very best to resolve your issues. 

We will offer a full refund or replacement item once the product has been returned to us. 

What are the shipping costs?


We offer free shipping throughout Ireland. 

For UK, European and worldwide shipping. Please get in contact with us by email and we will offer you a range of shipping options. 

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